Bonjour, quelle est la différence entre ce wiki et Hello, what's the difference between this wiki and Cywil 30 octobre 2008 à 22:48 (UTC)

This is the wiki whence all templates and pages for new created French wikis will be inserted. Please add some useful pages. Marta Ägnös (Talk, MUM, LC, DT, Wikia) 31 octobre 2008 à 08:26 (UTC)
They have the same relationship as and, except that this wiki does not yet have many pages ready to incorporate in new wikis. Translating pages from would be very useful, though they might need small modifications. Robin Patterson 30 novembre 2008 à 02:47 (UTC)
Ok thank you. How is it possible to organise the translation? please see this pageCywil 2 décembre 2008 à 12:11 (UTC)
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